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I am terrible at letting go of things. It’s no secret. I’ve known it for years, but it’s only recently that I’ve allowed myself to fully acknowledge it. By letting go I don’t mean moving on and continuing with my life; I’ve had plenty of practice at that. I mean full emotional and mental extrication. That’s the bit I struggle with. I thought it was just my lot-an ingrained part of my personality that meant I was destined to go through life constantly looking backwards. It never occurred to me to question why, or that there might be a tangible…

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Zoe heaved a sigh like a punctured balloon and collapsed onto her bed. The navy cocktail dress she had worn for her date with Jack lay crumpled and discarded on the floor, cast off in favour of her comfiest pyjamas. It had taken all her self-control not to raid the fridge the moment she got in. The idea of eating strawberry jam with a spoon was an undeniably appealing one given what had just transpired, but she knew from experience that the subsequent sugar crash would only make her feel worse. So instead she made herself a hot chocolate and…

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I want to stand at a bar again and ask you what you fancy,
To weave my slow way back to you trying not to spill a drop,
Inevitably fail when I put the glass down in front of you,
And settle in for a conversation as long as a medium-haul flight.

I want to go over our old ground for what must be the hundredth time, To overlay my memories with yours and see what patterns they make, For you to make me laugh until the back of my neck hurts, As we reminisce about all the times we’ve…

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Once upon a time, there was a lone space traveller. He spent his life travelling from galaxy to galaxy, and was always in search of something. Sometimes it was a particular planet. Other times it was a glimpse of a certain star. He was constantly on the move, but not always in the way he had planned.

You see, the lone traveller had a strange habit. When he set off in search of a place, he often ended up taking an entirely different route to the one he intended. He didn’t mean to. Things just happened to him. Once, while…

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A friend of mine once told me he “could never marry a woman who thought the wedding dress was important.” It was an interesting statement to make, given that the friend in question had asked me out on more than one occasion and knew that I had a longstanding love of dresses. It served to prove what I had always known: that we were not remotely compatible and never had been. If and when the day came, he wanted his bride to wear a business suit. We would not have worked on any kind of level.

Aside from misjudging his…

The tale of a holiday romance gone right.

Photo taken by friend of the author

I often tell people that Tom and I met in Florida. We didn’t, but we might as well have done. Florida was where we had our first meaningful conversations, where I got to know him, and where I discovered that my first impression of him could not have been more inaccurate. It was a trip I almost didn’t go on, and had I not, I am fairly certain we would not be together now.

Tom and I had actually met three times before, but for various reasons, I had paid him precisely zero attention. If, on any of those occasions…

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips is a language teacher and writer with a deep love of words in all their forms. She uses writing to help her process her own tangled thoughts.

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