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An Endless Succession Of Journeys

They say the journey matters more than the destination,
I thought so too once upon a time,
But that was just a lie I told myself,
A weary traveller still out on the road,
Lamenting the length of the voyage,
But the truth is as soon as I reach my destination,
The journey ceases to matter.

I do not care how long it took,
Or how meandering the route,
I no longer envy those fair-weather folk
With their shorter, easier journeys,
For I am a more experienced traveller
Than they will ever be.

It doesn’t matter how many hurts
I acquired along the way,
How many times I tripped and fell,
The bruises to the heart and
Cuts that bit down to the bone,
All fade into insignificance the moment I arrive.

Life is an endless succession
Of journeys and arrivals,
Never does the journey matter more
Than when the end is in sight,
And never does it matter less
Than when you actually get there.

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