Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

Memory’s Graveyard

It’s not like you to go roaming,
I buried you so far down
I didn’t think you’d ever rise,
Interred long ago in cold, barren ground
Without sentiment or ceremony,
The easiest of all my goodbyes,
I did not bring you flowers or lament your loss,
For you weren’t like the others,
I left you there,
Trusting that you would stay buried,
But here you are after all these years,
A pale ghost roaming the graveyard of my memory,
Dredged up by a discovery I wish I’d never made,
Me-a vengeful undertaker
Jealous of your new lease of life,
Perhaps after all this time you deserve it,
Maybe your years below ground have transformed you,
But to me you will always be the boy I buried,
My opinion of you as entrenched as your body.

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