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More Than Sex But Less Than Love

More than sex but less than love
Is what you were to me,
Some people are bewildered
By such complexity,
They like things neatly labelled,
And cannot comprehend
The nuance of a dalliance
With no clear start or end.

Some think mere duration
Is the most important thing,
I’ve been told that six months
Is far too long to be a fling,
But I know different-
You can have fulfilment and affection,
Companionship and warmth
Without deep romantic connection.

It isn’t all or nothing,
It’s one big sliding scale,
It’s fluid, ever shifting,
And may never entail
A serious commitment,
Or major status change,
The feelings that you feel
May never span the entire range.

That doesn’t make it meaningless,
As some people believe,
If and when things end
It’s still acceptable to grieve,
For between sex and love
A whole grey area exists,
I learnt that long ago
While navigating life’s sharp twists.

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