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Photo by Sam Farallon on Unsplash

Stationary Travels

I brought the stars indoors tonight,
I sat on the rug and watched purple galaxies wheeling overhead,
Spangles of light unfazed by terrestrial woes,
Reachable with the flick of a switch,
Just one of my many means of escape,
I can fly on the edge of a turning page,
To stalk along corridors that do not exist in the dead of night,
Or blow away on a melody like a dandelion spore on the wind,
Coming to land on Pacific islands
Or deep in a Scottish forest,
I’ve faced down a lava monster from the comfort of my sofa,
And cracked many a cold case
Just by condensing myself into moving pixels,
I’ve been all over this world and several others besides,
All the while closeted within these four walls,
For as long as there is art,
No power on Earth can keep me here.

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