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August makes me a little sad,
For despite the glorious, sun-drenched days,
I know it is the last gasp of summer,
That in a few short weeks
The nights will no longer hold the heat,
And the vast expanses of backlit sky
Will fold in on themselves,
Enshrouding the world
In ever-lengthening darkness,
Soon my summer freedoms
Will be supplanted by winter’s confinement,
Like all peaks the decline comes swiftly after,
Gone is the drama of thunderstorms,
The skies no longer beckon me,
And I would not wish to accompany them
Without the luminescent golden trails
To light my way,
Soon it will be time
To put my soul into hibernation
For the drab, grey forever that is winter,
To be awoken again in spring
With the crocuses and the daffodils.

Written by

Lauren Phillips is a language teacher and writer with a deep love of words in all their forms. She uses writing to help her process her own tangled thoughts.

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