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I thought I’d lost you,
That tenacious young girl,
So steadfast and determined,
Who set out to achieve something
And made sure she succeeded,
Who refused to be cowed
By other people’s opinions,
Ignored the doubters and the naysayers
And followed her own path,
Utterly certain of her own abilities.

I thought I’d lost you,
The girl who started karate
Knowing she would reach black belt,
Because if she didn’t then there was no point,
And in her heart she never quit,
The girl who ground for those A grades
Because she knew she could get them,
Who looked at a B and vowed to do better,
And did do better,
She made a promise to herself and she kept it.

I thought I’d lost you,
That the pressures of being an adult
Had ground you down to a nubbin,
And that was just the way of things,
That’s what being a grown-up was:
Relinquished dreams and reluctant compromises,
Jobs that doused my spirit in cold water
A little more with each passing day,
Until it was so sodden
I doubted I’d ever be able to coax another flame.

I thought I’d lost you,
But I needn’t have worried,
You are me after all,
You will cling on with the tiniest scrap of ragged fingernail,
Until you find the strength to pull yourself up,
You were still there,
Buried deep,
Holding on with the innate certainty
That you would never let go,
Because you never have before.

I thought I’d lost you,
But you were just sleeping,
You had a rest but I’m glad you’re awake now,
I missed you,
You were gone a long time,
But we are one,
You and I,
That tenacious girl is back,
Older and wiser,
With her certainty and her determination,
And no plans to ever leave.

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