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Don’t be fooled by the crying,
It’s just Emotion Wall,
It happens when I drink white wine
And means nothing at all,

It’s just a stage I go through,
A phase and nothing more,
You’d know that if you’d ever
Seen me get wine-drunk before,

First my speech gets louder,
The giggles follow fast,
Then comes the verbal diarrhoea,
But that cheer cannot last,

Soon my mood begins to dip,
Anxieties rear their head,
Soon merriment and laughter
Are replaced by tears instead,

For long-lost loves and friendships,
Mistakes made long ago,
For old slights and rejections,
Or for reasons I don’t know,

Of triggers there are many,
Not all of them are bad,
That’s why you should never
Assume that crying equals sad,

I may be reminiscing
On the happiest of times,
Or discussing my favourite book
Or most beloved rhymes,

You see I’m sentimental
About love and art and life,
So tears from me are not always
A sign of inner strife,

I do not need a therapist
Or offer of a chat,
Just be there in the moment
And let’s leave it at that,

It really a phase you see,
So take it in your stride,
I hit the wall, I cry and then
Break through to the other side,

It may last mere minutes,
It may be a full hour,
But opening myself up to you-
That’s my true superpower,

So do not be alarmed or
Fear for my mental health,
Maybe next time you get wine-drunk
You should try it for yourself.

Written by

Lauren Phillips is a language teacher and writer with a deep love of words in all their forms. She uses writing to help her process her own tangled thoughts.

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